Samsung ST1000LM024 Data Recovery Services

We are offering professional data recovery services from damaged , faulty , corrupted hard drives, NAS storage unites,Sata hard drives, IDE hard drives, solid state drives , usb pen drives, external desktop hard drives , portable hard drives and any other storage units.

Our company Doctor Folder computer Services is based in Witney, Oxfordshire, We offer our data recovery services both local and Nationwide customers. If you are not close to us , You can send your hard drives to us in a safe package with a recorded delivery.

As we provide fast and reliable data recovery services, we have received a Samsung ST1000LM024  hard drive for data Recovery from a computer repair shop. Samsung ST1000LM024 Data Recovery cases can be handled in our office safely and professionally.

Seagate ST1000LM024 or Samsung HN-M101MBB Data Recovery

Samsung ST1000LM024 hard drives has  two make and model details.  ST1000LM024 model number belongs to Seagate, HN-M101mbb/AV2 belongs to Samsung.

When we received the faulty Seagate ST1000LM024 hard drive for data recovery , we used our Samsung tool for in order to complete the recovery. both Seagate and Samsung tools work on this hard drive but samsung tool can provide us easier access.

That’s why I preferred to us Samsung tool for Samsung ST1000LM024 Data Recovery.

After We tested the hard drive, We were sure that the hard drive had too many bad sectors and one of head was faulty. We have separated the used sectors and then we targeted only data written sectors.

After a few more steps, we were able to create a map of folders and files then we saved  all the required data with %100 success

If you have a same make and model hard drive or any other makes or model with any problem , please contact us on or 01993220275

We offer technical analysis in 24 hours, free evaluation, no fix – no data

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Seagate ST1000LM024 Data Recovery