OUR MISSION 

Ibrahim BEKMEZCIFounder and Data Recovery Engineer

I’m a native of Istanbul, Turkey. I have been working as a data recovery engineer for over 8 years. After working for other data recovery companies around the world , I have set up my own data recovery business in UK three years ago and I am offering my services for both business and private customers as well as other data recovery and computer repair companies. There is rarely a problem that I cannot solve. I’m fully trained and certificated data recovery specialist with excellent troubleshooting skills. I’m a graduate of Physics Department at Trakya University in Turkey

My mission is to provide professional data recovery services for my clients.
I do technical analysis in 24 hours with best price info and all the details about your hard disk drive.We offer ;
 No Fix-No Fee                Free Evaluation

I wish to improve myself every day in order to follow new innovations on hard drive industry.
All new hard drives, encrypted external hard drives, encryption software, raid storage units such as; SAN, NAS …all these new discoveries are new challenge for me and I am learning new things every day and I’m going to keep learning in order to serve my clients better and solve problems on their storage units and retrieve their data as soon as possible.